Artwizz Bumper + SecondBack for iPhone 11, black


Artwizz Bumper + SecondBack for iPhone 11, black

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  • reliable protection for your iPhone’s corners, edges and precious glass back
  • stylish, elegant look thanks to translucent case and crystal-clear glass protector
  • improved grip thanks to non-slip material

  • This Artwizz set comprises a durable translucent Bumper case and our crystal-clear SecondBack glass back protector, giving you the perfect protection for your iPhone 11. The SecondBack protects your device’s all-glass back from breakage, scratches and signs of wear and tear, and the Bumper’s ingenious combination of materials cushions your smartphone’s corners and edges, effortlessly absorbing the impact of knocks and falls. The Bumper also has slightly raised edges, protecting your device’s screen from getting scratched when you place it face down on flat surfaces. What’s more, the Bumper’s non-slip material ensures that your smartphone won’t easily slip out of your hand. Combining the translucent Artwizz Bumper with the SecondBack glass back protector allows your device’s stunning original colors to shine through at all times. The Artwizz Bumper and Artwizz SecondBack are the perfect all-round protection combo for your iPhone 11.