Twelve South BookArc Flex, chrom


Twelve South BookArc Flex, chrom

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  • Holds all MacBooks or Notebooks, Laptops vertically, freeing up desk space
  • Compatible with any MacBook or notebook, laptop up to 1-inch thick
  • Makes room for a large displays, even on smaller desks
  • The weight of the computer forces the sides of the BookArc Flex to hug the MacBook / Notebook and hold it tight and upright
  • Designed to support current and future MacBooks, Notebooks

  • BookArc Flex is the new vertical desktop stand, compatible with all MacBooks and Notebooks up to 1 inch thick.
    BookArc Flex is a stunningly beautiful vertical MacBook stand. BookArc Flex maximizes desk space by holding your MacBook / Notebook vertically while connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, turning your MacBook / Laptop into a desktop. Place your MacBook inside and your laptop's own weight draws the stand's supporting arcs together. BookArc Flex cradles the MacBook / Notebook you have now, and in the future because it automatically adjusts to any size laptop up to 1-inch think without additional inserts. Streamline your desk.