Twelve South StayGo Mini compact USB-C hub


Twelve South StayGo Mini compact USB-C hub

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  • USB-C hub connects peripherals to your iPad or MacBook
  • Four ports: headphone jack, USB-A, HDMI, USB-C (pass through power)
  • Pass-through power to charge or power accessories
  • Connects directly to iPad or to MacBook with included cable

  • The StayGo Mini compact USB-Hub delivers the extra ports your tablet (or MacBook) needs. StayGo mini USB-C Hub makes editing video, photos or polishing presentations on your iPad Air or iPad Pro much more convenient. How? By giving you 3 more ports to get things done. With a headphone jack, USB-A, USB-C (for pass through power) and an HDMI port you can connect and power your most essential accessories. Connect StayGo mini directly to your iPad or use the included 0.5-meter long cable to place the hub and connections at desk level when iPad is attached to the Magic Keyboard or on a stand.

    The desktop cable also enables StayGo Mini to be used with MacBook, as a compact hub that fits anywhere.