Netatmo Wetterstation + Regenmesser Bundle


Netatmo Wetterstation + Regenmesser Bundle

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  • Benefit from your own real-time indoor and outdoor environment readings
  • Measure the rain in real time
  • Access your Weather Station and Rain Gauge’s readings remotely via your smartphone.
  • View past readings and charts in the app
  • Receive an alert when your environment changes

  • "Access data on your indoor and outdoor environment in real time via your smartphone
    View accurate and hyperlocal readings from your Netatmo Smart Weather Station. It delivers everything you could ever want to know about your environment directly to your smartphone. Temperature, humidity levels, and air quality inside and outside your home are shown in real time.

    Measure the rain in real time
    The perfect addition to your Weather Station, the Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge sends rainfall data directly to your smartphone. Check rainfall at home in millimetres per hour remotely and in real time. The highly accurate Rain Gauge measures rain intensity as well as rainfall over the last hour and since midnight.  

    Consult your data history to understand your environment over time
    Analyze your data history to understand your environment over time. Access past readings and view changes in your environment at a glance by checking the charts in the app. Been away from your garden for a month? Check how the weather was and discover if it rained!

    Customize your alerts to take immediate action
    Customize your alerts to receive real-time information on the changes in your environment that matter to you most. Has it started raining? Will it be frosty? Are indoor CO2 levels rising? Is the house getting chilly? Your Weather Station sends notifications to your smartphone.

    Improve air quality at home with ease
    Did you know that the air indoors is five times more polluted than outdoors? Good news! Your Netatmo Smart Weather Station alerts you when indoor pollution levels rise. Right, it’s time to open some windows!

    Benefit from an even smarter home
    Create links with other connected devices to enhance your Weather Station’s capabilities. You can use the outdoor temperature shown on your Weather Station to adjust the heating via your Netatmo Smart Thermostat.

    Receive an integrated weather report
    Your Netatmo Smart Weather Station knows that the weather is a crucial part of your daily life. Check the detailed seven-day forecast in the Netatmo Weather app and organize your week with complete peace of mind.

    Explore Netatmo Weather Station readings around the world
    Join the Netatmo Smart Weather Stations community to explore readings from around the world. The Netatmo Weathermap displays the real-time outdoor temperature, rain and wind conditions in more than 170 countries!

    Adapt your activities to the weather for greater comfort and convenience
    Using hyperlocal readings and forecasts, you can adapt your activities to the weather for greater convenience. Choose the best time to go out for a walk, adjust your heating, or air a room when indoor pollution is too high. The ultimate in creature comforts!

    Add accessories to gauge the weather better
    Supplement your Weather Station as required. Add up to three Additional Indoor Modules to measure your indoor environment precisely and make sure every room is comfortable. And to become a real weather pro, opt for the Netatmo Anemometer."