Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm


Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm

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  • Real-time alerts: receive real-time alerts on your smartphone when smoke is detected, even when you're away from home.
  • 10-Year battery life*: Safety and peace of mind for an entire decade with a battery that lasts the entire product lifespan. No more annoying low-battery alerts.
  • Effortless to install: simply install the wireless SMART smoke alarm on the ceiling and download the app.
  • Self-checking: constantly monitors its own battery, smoke sensor and Wi-Fi connection. Sends an immediate alert if an issue arises with any of the three.

  • The Netatmo smart smoke alarm is a Wi-Fi enabled smoke detector. When a fire starts, the smart smoke alarm sounds an 85 dB alarm and sends smartphone alerts in real time to you and your family, even when you’re away from home. With this instant insight at your fingertips, you can immediately alert emergency services, getting the right people on the case to rescue your home and belongings. The smart smoke alarm is equipped with a unique 10-Year battery* meaning you’re protected and secure right up to the recommended 10-Year alarm replacement deadline. The smart smoke alarm is very simple to install. You won't need an expensive smart home hub to make it work. It’s a standalone product. Simply secure it to the ceiling and download the app on your smartphone to set it up. Life span for typical use. The battery's life span may vary based on the use of the smart smoke alarm. For further information, please go to: hips://netatmo.Com/usage/nsd