Matias Matias USB-C PBT Mouse - Black


Matias Matias USB-C PBT Mouse - Black

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  • Premium PBT casing does not fade / holds color better than ABS plastic
  • Scroll wheel and top button made of aluminum
  • No drivers to install - for Windows and Mac OS
  • Premium grade hardware
  • 100 cm USB-A cable / for right-handed use

  • The Matias Wired PBT Mouse features a premium type of plastic called PBT, which feels dry and comfortable to the touch, and will not change color over time, unlike the cheaper ABS plastic used in most other mice. The scroll wheel and top button are made of aluminum, for enhanced beauty and performance. Internal switch and other components are high-end.

    Scroll Wheel performs typical scroll functions for Mac and PC. The top button acts as a Back button on Windows, and can perform a variety of functions as determined by the system settings in the Mac OS.

    Matias designs its own firmware, and has built tight integration into the operating system, enabling the mouse to be controlled and customized with the standard operating system mouse settings, as opposed to having to install software or custom drivers. Not only does this make operating and customizing the mouse easier, it also means a more secure operating environment, ideal for businesses, governments, and schools.

    This mouse has a traditional USB-C connection at the end of the 100 cm cable.