homee Brain Cube

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  • Central control unit for your networked home, basis for all homee cubes
  • Future-proof and modular expandable, no monthly costs
  • Easy setup and operation via app
  • Compatible with Netatmo, HomeMatic, Nuki, AVM FRITZ !, Belkin WeMo and many more
  • Made in Germany, high privacy: no cloud!

  • This is the homee brain cube, it is the heart of your smart home.
    That means, however you want to control your home and which devices you use, you'll need the Brain Cube in any case. With it you can already control many popular smart home devices that are in your network and connect them together in small programs, so-called Homeegrams.
    With the homee Brain Cube you can connect and control a variety of smart home devices via smartphone or your voice: sockets and radiator thermostae of AVM FRITZ !, door lock of NUKI, Belkin WeMo devices, netamto weather station, devices of HomeMatic (via CCU2), ... and many more.

    homee connects
    homee, the modular Smart Home Central, speaks all common radio protocols. 100% future-proof and expandable to your own requirements. To switch the light on or off via smartphone, to control the room temperature with voice commands or to receive an instant message when the smoke detector raises an alarm. With the smart cubes you get more security, coziness and efficiency in your own four walls and without any compatibility problems or annoying cable clutter. Thanks to the colorful, smart extension modules, you ensure that each of your devices can communicate with each other, regardless of the radio protocol and manufacturer-independent.

    Simply brilliant - ingeniously simple
    With simple, step-by-step setup, you do not have to be a technical expert to live in a smart home. Thanks to radio networking, you do not have to make any changes to your home - so homee is also suitable for tenants.

    Modular and future-proof
    The number of smart devices is growing daily. Unfortunately, many devices use different radio protocols. One can say: The Smart Home is like a babylonian language jumble! ... and homee is the interpreter! Each colorful cube is responsible for a different wireless technology and can talk to other devices. So you can link very different devices together. And if a new wireless protocol is added to the Smart Home, there is a new cube. homee is simply future-proof.

    No cloud, no follow-up costs
    It gives you a good feeling that your data is not stored on the Internet, but only on your home. For the quality of your homee speaks the predicate Made in Germany.

    Cube principle
    The special feature of homee is the cube principle: The lowest, white cube - the brain cube - is the center and the heart of the homee. He collects all information and forwards it to your smartphone. The Brain Cube is expandable by the other cubes in purple, turquoise and orange. Each of these colored cubes supports a different wireless technology: Z-Wave, EnOcean and ZigBee. This means that homee can communicate with devices from various manufacturers in your home across radio protocols and manufacturers. homee offers the opportunity to start small and gradually expand your home. Nobody will tell you how to use your smart home, and homee stands for total flexibility. It also fits that no fundamental changes to your home are necessary and homee is also ideal for tenants to upgrade to the smart home.

    Control your home via app, voice or fully automated
    Thanks to the homee app, your home is just a click away at any time. You can control your devices individually, in groups, or via voice using Apple Siri, Google or Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With intelligent programs (so-called Homeegrams), you can run things in everyday life completely automatically: for example, the light turns on automatically when you enter the room, the blinds open after sunrise or the heating is regulated down when you open the window. These small programs, which you can create independently in the app, work on a simple IF / THEN principle. That is, you choose one (or more) trigger and tell homee what the trigger should effectuate.