Artwizz SecondDisplay for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


Artwizz SecondDisplay for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

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Product description

  • Shock protection against scratches and screen cracks, anti-splintering
  • Clear screen with original feeling
  • Prevents micro-scratches
  • Compatible with all protective cases from any manufacturer
  • Easy to apply, holds without adhesives thanks to silicone coating

  • The Artwizz SecondDisplay offers your Galaxy Tab S6 top protection. The transparent glass looks like the original screen: crystal clear and high quality. It offers robust protection against scratches, cracks and screen breaks – all without changing the look or feel of your Galaxy Tab S6. The hard surface protects against sharp objects, guaranteeing longer lasting protection. Installing the SecondDisplay is comfortable and easy: a special silicone coating adheres effortlessly. Tap once on the screen and watch as the glass protection adheres itself to the screen. It leaves behind no residue upon removal. The SecondDisplay is compatible with all protective cases. NOTE for smartphones with curved displays: Due to the smartphone’s curved screen, the Artwizz SecondDisplay covers the majority of the display, but not its curved edges. This prevents the glass protector from peel up around the edges as well as the build up of dirt and air bubbles, so your screen protection lasts longer.