Artwizz HangOn Band, silky black


Artwizz HangOn Band, silky black

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Product description

  • developed especially for the Artwizz HangOn Case
  • only compatible with protective cases with integrated loops
  • available in a range of colors and designs
  • bayonet clasp for quick attachment and release
  • adjustable length thanks to double cord stopper

  • The Artwizz HangOn Band is a cord especially designed to be used in combination with the unisex Artwizz HangOn Case. Simply attach the HangOn Band to your HangOn Case and you’ll be able to take your smartphone everywhere with you, hands-free! The HangOn Band can be used to hang your device around your body or neck like a bag or necklace, so it is always ready for use while your hands remain free. The HangOn Band is available in a range of exciting colors, designs and materials. Thanks to the wide selection, you can customize the look of your HangOn Case to match your personal style. Our cords are made of light and supple materials and have a diameter of 6 mm. The total length of 1.50 m can be adjusted using the metal double cord stopper, allowing you to wear your smartphone around your neck at chest or waist height, or across your shoulders as a crossbody case. Attaching and switching out the cord with your HangOn Case or other protective cases with loops couldn’t be easier thanks to the bayonet clasp, which allows the two ends of the cord to be quickly and easily detached and reattached. To connect the HangOn Band to your HangOn Case, simply pull the cord through the case’s two loops.