Our team in Berlin

MacLAND's team of 22 men and women in Berlin serves retailers all over Germany and across Europe. We understand the mobile lifestyle market and the expectations of tech-savvy customers, and always have our ear to the ground. Thanks to our long-standing wealth of experience, we're able to assess what products will sell well on the German and European markets.

Enquiries: vertrieb@macland.de

We're proud of our European team with long-standing distribution ties in nearly every EU country, meaning we can establish products throughout the European market.

For the broadest possible introduction of the brands we serve, MacLAND cooperates with local distributors in Europe. They act as sub-distributors in the territory jointly agreed with our manufacturers and retailers. This set-up gives us a range of impact throughout Europe which manufacturers working with us can rely on. lf you prefer, of course, market penetration can also be restricted to certain countries.

Working with MacLAND is a win-win for both sides. Providers of niche products benefit in particular since there are no minimum order quantities or Iead times for our distribution-partners. Even small amounts can be ordered with other products from our catalogue. Multiple dispatches from our warehouse each week ensure rapid delivery to customers throughout Europe.

Enquiries: vertrieb_eu@macland.de